Presents in blessings and pens only

An Indian wedding takes a village, and that’s just the list of attendees. The season is heating up and this one promises to be a big one (a recent article reported that 2.5 million marriages may get solemnised during 2022’s wedding season1). They are a lot of work and we’re helping out by compiling a list of all the great presents the wedding party needs.

For the bride

As she embarks on a new adventure, give her all the things she needs for the journey ahead. Create a customised William Penn hamper with a luxury writing instrument, a productivity boosting journal and the season’s IT bag, or choose from one of our pre-curated hampers.

For the groom

Mark this important milestone with a customised luxury pen he can pass down to the next generation.

For the parents

Look for a classic gift with a modern twist, like the Edge – which is a traditional journal for the memories of your childhood and a powerful power bank to charge the tablets and phones they need to call you on each day.

For the in-laws

Win their admiration through a limited or special edition model that speaks of your interest in their passions. A Sailor Ganesha for the in-laws who start each day with a prayer for example, or a Montblanc “Around the World in 80 Days” fountain pen for the bibliophiles who end each day with a book.

For a younger sibling

A clever Secrid wallet since they can no longer rifle through yours.

For an older sibling


Fisher Space pen so you’ll stay in touch forever.

For the priest

textured journal and a lovely bookmark from Anand Prakash so they can mark the date in style.

For treasured guests

For those with a front row seat to you marking a huge moment, what could be better than a pen from a brand with a 110-year-old history of huge milestones.

We’ve been privileged to be a part of many momentous occasions across the country but weddings hold a special place in our hearts. Contact us to help make your wedding gifts as memorable as the occasion.