Our Sheaffer booth at the recent Paperworld fair was a celebration of the brand that showcased its evolution over the years through a concept called “Sheaffer Through The Ages”. Visitors were taken on a journey through time, with vintage advertisements and carefully curated pens that were a testament to Sheaffer’s commitment to quality, innovation, and design.

The display featured vintage models such as the Sheaffer PFM, Lady Sheaffer, Tuckaway Military, and the Reminder Clip, which were carefully curated to showcase the evolution of Sheaffer’s designs over the years.

The Sheaffer PFM, or Pen for Men, was one of the highlights of the display. Launched in the 1950s, this pen was designed to be the ultimate writing instrument for men, with its sleek, masculine design and high-performance nib. The Lady Sheaffer, on the other hand, was a pen designed for women, with its elegant and feminine design. The clipless pen was designed to be a fashion accessory and quickly became popular among women who appreciated the pen’s balance, precision, and style.

Another vintage model on display was the Sheaffer Tuckaway Military pen, which was designed for use by the military during World War II. It was a compact pen that could be easily carried in a pocket or pouch, making it a convenient writing instrument for soldiers in the field. The Reminder Clip was another interesting vintage model on display, featuring a clip that could not be clipped to the pocket of a shirt when retracted, preventing accidental ink stains.

The brand’s modern designs were a perfect complement to the vintage models, reflecting Sheaffer’s evolution over the years while still staying true to its roots. The calibre of the instruments made it clear that the brand’s commitment to quality and innovation had not wavered, even after more than a century in the business.

It was truly an amazing experience to witness the admiration and awe people have for Sheaffer’s remarkable legacy. Seeing how writing can bring people together and spark inspiration was truly humbling. The experience served as a poignant reminder of how quality and design can endure the test of time.