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5 Tips to Choose the Right Wallets for MenFeatured

You decide to go out for a fancy meal and at the end of it you take out your wallet to pay. While you may have made a smashing impression during the meal, your wallet can either make or break it. A classy leather wallet for men can be a great style statement. Obviously, a scuffed wallet does not bode well for your reputation. Similarly neither does an overfull one. So let’s know a little more about wallets for men and tips to have the perfect one for you!
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6 Rarely Known Ballpoint Pen Facts | Ballpoint Pen DayFeatured

Pen of the month

It was in June 1943 that the two brothers, Laszlo and Gyorgy Biro, filed the patent for Ballpoint pens. And in the honour of this milestone, June 10th is celebrated as the Ballpoint Pen Day. Ballpoint pens had been one of the greatest inventions which reflected from the fact that these pens were quite in demand during their early years. These pens were considered expensive and rarely available to common people.

Bold Chrome Ballpoint Pen by HUGO BOSS

Bold Chrome Ballpoint Pen by HUGO BOSS

Chronicles of Ballpoint Pen

History says that Laszlo Biro, a Hungarian newspaper editor, was quite frustrated with the whole mechanism of filling ink in fountain pens and having ink smudged papers. He then noticed that the ink that was used in newspaper printing dried up at a comparatively faster rate. This lead Laszlo to think of using a type of ink similar to the one used for newspapers. He then along with his brother György, who was a chemist by profession came up with an ink formula that they used for their ballpoint pens.

The ink used in ballpoint pen is an oil-based ink that is thicker in nature. This ink usually contains up to 40 percent of dyes. The dyes are suspended in a solvent of oil. The most common oil solvents used here are benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol. [ 1]

While we can go deeper into the history of ballpoint pens, let us deviate and know some interesting facts about these amazing pens. But first of all, let’s know the different parts of a regular ballpoint pen.


Ballpoint Pen Anatomy

Ballpoint Pen Anatomy

Now that we know our ballpoint pens better, here are 6 interesting facts about ballpoint pens that you might not have known.

Astronaut Moon Landing Commemorative Chrome Ball Pen FISHER SPACE PEN

Astronaut Moon Landing Commemorative Chrome Ball Pen

  • In a ball pen, the ink is distributed over a metal ball at its point. That means over a “ball point”!
  • In Argentina, the ballpoint pens are known as ‘birami’, honoring the inventor Laszlo Biro.
  • The first batch of ballpoint pens for sale was in New York. Apparently, the queue for buyers was so long that people had to be controlled by police officers.
  •  Ballpoint pens were used in the World War II by the Air Force pilots. It was because the ink in these pens was less prone to leakage at high altitudes in comparison to fountain pens.
  • Apparently, ballpoint pens don’t work well for “lefties”. This is because while writing the left-handers push instead of pulling the ball across the paper. And this inhibits the ink flow.
  •  The largest ballpoint pen was made by Acharya Makunuri Srinivasa (India) and was presented and measured in Hyderabad, India. It measures 18 ft 0.53 in long.


Note: Paul C Fisher invented the Anti Gravity pen for use in space missions. 

  That’s a powerful pen indeed! There you go, now you know ballpoint pens better. So this ballpoint pen day, ditch the keypads for some time and take the pleasure of writing on paper with your favourite ballpoint pen. In case you are looking for one, check us out here. Let’s ink our words with the finest pens!


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It’s Time You Meet RFID

RFID safe

There’s a possibility that your credit card details are being skimmed as you read this. Yes, as you are reading these very words. How? Meet RFID.


RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is quite simple really. There’s usually a tag that sits on your card, and even on your passport. It was put there to make life easier, and it mostly does. Faster checkouts, more rapid immigration queues, and even automated toll booths are benefits of this tech. But what can be read by the service provider, can also be read by people with a criminal bent of mind. After all, the radio signal doesn’t know the intent of the people employing it.

In order to combat RFID skimming, international brands have come together to create products that hold your precious data beyond the reach of the radio waves that power RFID. This is done by creating electromagnetic opacity for compartments within the product, or for the entire product. At William Penn, we take your security very seriously, and we’re all stocked up on a secure range of RFID-safe products. Oh, and they’re stylish, too.


The James Bond of leather bags is one of them. Crafted in England (and South Africa… shhh!), stylish to a fault, and an excellent travel companion, the Jekyll & Hide range of premium leather bags are deputed by Her Majesty’s Secret Service to keep every detail within, safe. Be it secret Naval documents, or your well-thumbed passport. Before you go all 007, remember to stop by a William Penn store and pick one of these up. Oh, and they make wallets too.


Another brand that takes RFID-safe very seriously, is Secrid. Marrying the best of Dutch industrial design with very Euro styling, the young team of designers at Secrid has re-thought the wallet. With liberal use of leather to jacket an all-aluminum heart, Secrid’s wallets feel warm and welcoming to the touch. Except, if you are a Radio wave sent by a bad person.


Jekyll & Hide bags with RFID safe sections

Jekyll & Hide bags with RFID safe sections


Lapis Bard, with its latest collection, has also been quick to cover your precious details, with a swathe of two-toned leather that is sure to catch the attention of the right kind. Named for the safest and most stylish towns in England, the Ducorium collection is designed to be the darling of the urban commuter, and a skimmer’s worst enemy. Come, see this wonderful range, now available with us.


And last but not least, Pennline has brought uber-value wallets with a slim design to the market. Designed to take on the tough Indian conditions, each Pennline wallet holds a lot within a small footprint, and all of it safely.


To keep everything vulnerable to RFID-skimming safe, tap the link and explore our collection.

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Explore Mont Blanc wallets, belts, writing instruments and accessories at William Penn

Once upon a time, pens were just writing instruments that people used for writing. However, a Hamburg banker, Alfred Nehemias, and a Berlin engineer, August Eberstein didn’t think of pens the same way. They saw pens as a symphony of luxury, craftsmanship, and innovative functionality. Their concept gave birth to what is now popularly known as “Mont Blanc pens.” Together, they designed and created the Meisterstück fountain pen in the year 1924. A class apart – Mont Blanc writing instruments and accessories are the epitome of style and function. From the start of the 20th century till date, Mont Blanc pens have come a long way, in shape, style, and workmanship.

Shortly after this German company started, Wilhelm Dziambor, Christian Lausen and Claus Johannes Voss joined hands with the founders to take the company to an international level. From just offering writing instruments, Mont Blanc started designing belts, wallets, and other luxury accessories for the elite. Though numerous accessories are available in the market, Mont Blanc wallets, belts, and writing instruments stand apart from the rest for their innovative functionality and sheer sophistication. With more than 100 years of delivering products that are known for their high quality and exquisite Swiss craftsmanship, Mont Blanc is truly a brand that delivers what it promises.

The philosophy of Mont Blanc lies in uniting traditional craftsmanship with elegance. Each product designed and produced by Mont Blanc tells a story of the rich heritage and builds the bond between the creator and the user.

Mont Blanc also offers other leather goods such as laptop bags, covers, cases, and backpacks. They also offer an incredible selection of watches. Mont Blanc offers a wide selection of writing instruments and stationary. Whether you want a modern smart watch or a traditional manually wound watch, you will find it in Mont Blanc. Shoppers looking for classic gifts for memorable occasions can definitely pick from Mont Blanc Limited Edition watches. The exclusive selection of writing instruments, stationery , leather goods, and smart devices make functional corporate gifts.

William Penn is a retail outlet based in Bangalore that offers the best pick of Mont Blanc Wallets, Belts, writing instruments, leather goods, and more. We also have special selection of these luxury items and accessories in our website for our online audience. Whether you are looking to buy a sophisticated gift for corporate gifting or buy a special timeless gift for a special someone, Mont Blanc products will be the perfect choice. Office goers can browse through our selection of laptop bags and sleeves and back packs. William Penn also offers business card holders and wallets with money clips. Get Mont Blanc fountain pens and ballpoint pens from William Pen. You can browse through our exclusive range of Mont Blanc Writing instruments to buy a pen for personal use or for gifting. Visit William Penn to check out our incredible selection of Mont Blanc belts, wallets, writing instruments and other accessories.


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5 Interesting Things about Raksha Bandhan & Amazing Gift Options

Raksha Bandhan Gift

Be it sharing the secrets or trying to steal the T.V. remote, sibling love is greater than any love in this world. With bittersweet memories of growing up together, it’s a sibling that makes every family function better. And because it’s Raksha Bandhan season, we thought of bringing you some amazing facts about the tradition along with a few handpicked gift choices to make your brother feel extra special.


Interesting facts about Raksha Bandhan

  1. Major parts of North India follow an official day off for the Raksha Bandhan. Yes, are you having a holiday too??
  1. Many courier services come up with special rakhi delivery schemes so that no sister is late in sending her love to her brother. Isn’t it cool?
  1. There are historical stories that King Porus, an Indian King, restrained killing Alexander the Great in the battlefield because Alexander’s wife had sent a rakhi to Porus and he apparently couldn’t do so, seeing the thread on his wrist. More power to rakhi!
  1. In order to strengthen the bonds of unity between the Hindus and the Muslims, Rabindranath Tagore, one of India’s greatest poets and freedom fighters, asked people belonging to both the religious groups to tie rakhi to each other. A great idea indeed!
  2. Besides India, Raksha Bandhan is also celebrated in Nepal as well as in some parts of Pakistan! Yes, that’s true!


The 6th and the most widely known fact is that during this day, siblings exchange gifts as a token of love and care. And though brothers are usually expected to come up with gifts for their sisters, while tying the Rakhi, sisters don’t leave the chance to pamper their bros.

To help you here, we came up with special Raksha Bandhan gift options to add some panache to your bro’s look.


The classy backpack– Looking for something other than the common ‘shirt’ gifts for your brother? Well, how about a great looking laptop backpack? He can carry it very comfortable to work or while traveling too. We bet, he’s gonna love this one!

New-age wallets– We know you had been eyeing on his pocket money while growing up together, however, it’s time to give him back! You can check out our range of amazing slim and new-age wallets that he just cannot ‘not like’!

The perfect pen– Nothing goes wrong with a pen! Yes, to let him start afresh, to let him know that he can pen down his own story and to give him something timeless, get him a pen. Being a one-stop hub for premium pens and writing instruments from all the leading global brands, we have a pen to go with every profession.


So now that you know how to make this Raksha Bandhan a little special with our range of gifts, don’t hold yourself back to tell your brother how much you care. We know you don’t need a gift to show how much love you have for your brother but if you are planning to gift him, why not select from the best ones? Explore here

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Notebooks & Diaries

Quiknote- the smarter version of Notebooks!


Pen, Paper, Phoenix

Much like anything analogue, writing has been written off (pun intended) many times. But reports of its demise have been greatly exaggerated, with writing instruments selling in increasing numbers. And consequently, notebooks too. From quirky, branded diaries that corporates painstakingly design to echo their brand personality, to notebooks that try and bridge the gap between the paper and the screen, like the Moleskine Smart Writing collection, writing aficionados are using paper in droves. And making this transformation happen, like a rising phoenix, is the art of writing itself.

Challenger – 0, Legend – 1

Digital devices have been touted as the replacement for writing. They’re smart, connected, and also multi-task as a communication device. Keyboards have evolved, syncing across multiple systems has become de rigeur, and searching and indexing have become simpler. But not so fast. The ace up the writing’s sleeve, is the pleasure of writing itself. Tapping keys on a smartphone is not even on the same planet as the feel of a nice 18k fountain pen nib on a sheet of quality paper. So, the legend that is writing, remains undefeated.

All’s not well

It’s all fine and dandy to say that writing will soldier on into the future. But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be improved upon. There are still some basic limitations that have made it difficult for writers to not look wistfully at a spanking, well-charged digital device.

Above, you can see some of the things that people look for in a good, quality notebook. The fact of the matter is, notebooks – or journals or diaries or notepads – haven’t kept up with the evolution of their brothers in arms, the writing instrument. Today, a leak-proof fountain pen, or a mechanical pencil that is easy to refill, is par for the course, but the paper on they are used, hasn’t really changed much, has it?
Notebooks and their ilk suffer from one page looking exactly the same as the other, indexing being a nightmare, expensive covers that aren’t re-usable, and a complete lack of utility of any sort. But most importantly, the humble notebook can’t double up as a personal and a professional tool within the same covers, so to speak. And carrying multiple notebooks is so passé.


A new avatar?


Quiknote- the new-age Notebook

Quiknote– the new-age Notebook


Who are you? Ask the mirror. Humour your friends. Quiz a loved one. Interrogate your pet. Look for clues in the family photo album. Scroll through your playlist on your phone. Visit your old hangouts. Analyse your handwriting. Study the pout in the selfie you last took. Perhaps there is something in the way your car smells? Browse through the titles in your book collection. Meditate. Look into the night sky. Or just simply, flip through your Quiknote.


Introducing Quiknote. It is a notebook, a journal, a mini wallet, an organizer, and a diary, among other things. It is your everyday companion at the office, at the coffee shop, at home, and when you go on a vacation. It is for the businessperson, the creative, the multitasker, the enthusiast, and for whoever you are and whatever you want to be. Simply put, the best way to understand what a Quiknote is, is to just start using one.


Why the excitement?

Quiknote solves some fundamental issues that regular notebooks face, right off the bat. Need a separate space for that short story you’ve just begun writing? Each Quiknote holds upto three separate notebooks (or Quikfills), so you can dedicate one to just work and all those notes from meetings, one for all the things that you need to say fix at home like the leaking tap or the creaky cupboard and another to that short story, or even the guest list for your boyfriend’s surprise birthday party. Forgot where you wrote down your friend’s phone number? Page numbers will help you out. Need to give your friend your number? Use one of the thoughtfully perforated sheets to jot it down and tear it off neatly.



The features that make Quiknote smart

The features that make Quiknote smart


Each Quiknote also has utility pouches for you to put away your credit card, business cards, loyalty cards, some cash  and even a place to keep some stationery. The elegantly designed snap tab keeps the Quiknote closed, and also securely holds a medium-sized pen.


The Quikfills aren’t just notebooks. They’re made of fountain pen friendly 80GSM paper. All 72 pages. Colourful, and with different prints, the Quikfills make each Quiknote the perfect writing companion.

You can check them out right here !

The handy and portable Quiknote is pretty much #MoreThanJustANotebook in every way. Quikfills are easily available in easy packs of 2, to replenish the Quiknote as you start writing more and more.


“Give me ONE REASON to buy one”

We could give you ten, but since you asked, it boosts your productivity in a way you didn’t think possible. Remember the first time you used a calculator, or a word processor? That moment when you realised counting up numbers, or even dreaded long-division, were a thing of the past, changed forever? You’ll have that with the Quiknote. You can have one place with multiple sections, for all the multiple thoughts that pass through your mind at different times of the day. Like that riddle you want to pose to your tennis buddies. Or that absurdly simple solution to the logistical problem at work that’s been troubling you 9 to 5. Or even the holiday plan you’re putting together, to surprise your husband. And what’s more, with each page numbered, it’s easier to quickly (should we say Quikly?) find what you’re looking for.


Productivity is something that we’ve tried to bring in to every aspect of the Quiknote Like the page numbers and the quite wonderfully-coloured pages that allow you to index the all-important note you made. The different page formats (plain, ruled, graphed, dot-grid, coloured) enhance efficiency by giving you different formats for different and very specific uses. Or even the specially-designed box that the Quiknote comes in, which can double up as a holder for all those Quikfills you quickly fill up (see what we did there?) with your thoughts.


So, yes, if there’s one overwhelming reason to buy the Quiknote, it’s the productivity that it offers to every facet f your life.

What are you waiting for?

The Quiknote launches August 22nd, and is available at all William Penn Lifestyle stores, and also online at Jump into a whole new writing experience. Ditch your old notebook today.

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Fountain Pens

Back to Basics : Teaching youngsters the neglected art of writing with a fountain pen

With the advent of the computers and keyboards, youngsters visiting our stores look at us with bewilderment when we at first invite them to try the fountain pen. They take hold of it, albeit rather awkwardly and start scribbling on the tester pad. Then the pen hits the paper and they begin to sense the pure pleasure of writing with it… oh boy! the amazement on their faces is a sight to behold.

Private Schools in England insist on children using fountain pens to do their work, except for mathematics where they use pencils, as they have found that these old-fashioned pens have helped boost the academic performance and self –esteem of its pupils.


Using fountain pens help improve the quality of work because they force the children to take care, to be aware of what they write; and better work naturally leads to improved self-esteem.


joy of writing with a pen

The joy of writing with a pen

Besides, the fountain pen requires absolutely no pressure on the hand at all in contrast to the death grip, high pressure and right angle way of holding ball pens or pencils. This naturally leads to reduced muscle cramps.

Gone are the days of the old-fashioned fountain pen with broken nibs, leaks, and smudging. Modern pens, with improved technology and manufacturing process, are beautiful to use. There are pens developed specifically for children as they have varied styles of holding a pen. For children, brands such as Pelikano by Pelikan, Faber Castell, Lamy, Schneider and the like. In fact, Pelikan, Lamy and Faber Castell have a nib size called ‘A’ that is specifically made for a beginner.

If you are a newbie in the world of Fountain Pens, here are the tips that can be of great help.

Parents who encourage their children to write with a fountain pen give them the best gift when they buy them a fountain pen. Assuredly, their handwriting would be the best, the pause and think helps them focus on their spelling, improves the hand and brain coordination and generally improves their overall performance. We talk of a paperless world, but this is not true. We still need to have proper handwriting skills. Proper handwriting is as relevant today as it ever has been. And therefore, even in these times of screen touch technology, the joy of writing down on a paper with an amazing pen is always special.


And now that every pen brand is trying to come up with new ideas, Fountains are evolving better than ever. So teach your children to go back to the basics of inking emotions with a finely crafted nib and hey, don’t forget to tell us your experiences. And if you are looking to buy a Fountain Pen, we can help you here. Check out our latest collection of Fountain pens from all the leading brands.  Click here to explore.

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3 Amazing Personalized Corporate Gift Ideas For Your Employees

Corporate gifts collection

Your little motivation will go a long way

“Take time to appreciate employees and they will reciprocate in a thousand ways.” – Bob Nelson

Hardworking employees thrive at work when they know their contributions are acknowledged. So, do you want to make your employees feel appreciated but don’t know exactly how to do it? We are here for you!

Our Personalized corporate gift collection is not just a wonderful way to motivate your employees but it can also strengthen your relationship with them and increase productivity.

3 amazing corporate gift ideas

Best corporate gifts are the ones which are useful year round and show your appreciation towards your employees. A corporate gift is not merely a gift but an investment in your brand. Here are some unique corporate gift ideas for your employees:

  • Writing instruments: Luxury writing instruments are classy gifts for your hardworking employees. However, choosing the right kind of pen is essential. You must make sure that it fits their job role and personal style. Click here to select the finest writing instruments online by the renowned global brands like Sheaffer, Hugo Boss, Sailor, Caran d’Ache, Pennline, Lapis Bard and many more.
  • Men’s accessories: You can bring a smile on your employee’s face by gifting him a stylish accessory like wallet, money clip, belt, cuff link, bracelet, etc. to turn up his style quotient. Here is the link to explore a highly impressive collection of men’s accessories online.
  • Tech and gadgets: From smart key holders, paper tablets to grooming essentials, you can find many trendy gadgets too in our corporate gifts collection. Click here to buy some latest gadgets to gift your valued employees.

Personalize your gift to make it memorable

Personalized corporate gifts will show that you care for your employees individually- they are not just a number for you!

You may consider adding a group picture of your employees or write a personal message on the corporate gift. Depending on your gift, you may also engrave your company’s logo and the employee’s name on it.

Get the best collection of unique corporate gifts here and give your employees the recognition they deserve!

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7 Useful Tips To Choose the Right Branded Pens!

Branded pens online

No matter how technologically advanced we get, gifting a pen is always a good choice. However, while talking about a branded pen for a gift, one has to be aware of the best brands in town. And that can get a little tricky as there are a huge number of brands from all over the world. This might be easy for a person who has a fair idea about different pen brands but it can be pretty confusing for a newbie. But don’t worry, if you are thinking about gifting a pen to the special people in your life, we are here. Read on to know some amazing tips for selecting the right branded pen for your loved ones.


1. Know your budget


The price range of any branded pen can vary widely. So it is very important for you to first and foremostly fix your budget. This will filter your choices and help you get a smarter pick. Also, if you have a particular brand in mind, you can select the collections from the brand that falls under your price range.


2. Your priority


Get your priorities in line! Yes, while looking for branded pens for gifting, always know what’s your priority. Some people might not care much about the look of a pen and pay more attention towards its performance. While for some people, the look of the pen is the most important thing. Either way, you should know what’s your priority and then choose the gift. However, you’d be glad to know that most of the branded pens come with great looks along with great writing.


Perks of owning a branded pen

Perks of owning a branded pen

3. Type of pen

While choosing the best pens for gifting, don’t forget to understand the cruciality of pen types. A regular Ballpen user might not be comfortable with a new Fountain Pen and vice versa. So do a little writing background check on the person who you are planning to gift and then, choose the pen. For gifting purposes, usually, Fountain Pens are preferred. They look classy and also gives amazing writing experience.


Meisterstück UNICEF Resin Classique Fountain Pen by MONTBLANC

Meisterstück UNICEF Resin Classique Fountain Pen by MONTBLANC

4. The Handwriting Type


If the person you are gifting the pen is not much of a good handwriting person, you can select a nice Rollerball Pen. They have an easy flow and smooth writing.


5. Purpose of gifting


While selecting the pens for gifting, don’t ignore the purpose. You can choose the type of pen based on the occasion if you are sending a corporate gift then Fountain Pens can be your choice and if you are gifting for a regular user, you always select a nice Rollerball or Ballpoint pen.


6. The pen finish


You must know that all the leading brands come with great pen finishes. So you can further filter your choices on the basis of what type of pen finish you want. It can be wood, celluloid, metals or resins.


A tip here would be to check the quality of the finish, run your fingers along the length of the pen to judge if it has any rough edges. You can also, select the glossy and matte finish as per your choice.


7. The comfort check


Whenever buying a pen, you should have a comfort check for them. Hold the pen and see if you are okay with the pen being a little heavy or light. Ideally, the right pen should not feel heavy towards the front or towards the end.


Finding the right pen can become difficult, however, if you are clear on a few things like the ones mentioned above, it becomes easier to choose the pen. Click here to check pens online from brands like Lamy, Hugo Boss, Montblanc, Sailor and many more, we also have amazing combo sets for gifting.


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The writing is on the wall: people still love to write

joy of writing with a pen


How do you explain this? In today’s world of hi-tech, you can jot down notes on a smartphone.


Or even dictate your thoughts to ’Siri’ and her other audio siblings. Honestly, you don’t need paper. Then, how come the pen still finds a place in your pocket? Is it because there’s something really personal about scribbling in one’s own handwriting.


Does writing with a pen induce a sense of calm in a world of purposeful chaos? Whatever the reason, one thing we know for sure. People are buying pens, and more than ever. A pleasant surprise, don’t you think? The numbers tell a story: In the last six months, we’ve sold over forty thousand pens!


History rules


Take a look at Ancient Middle Eastern culture considered calligraphy to be the highest art form. When we write we use our hands, lines are formed by us, words created by ourselves, thereby creating a unique imprint. Thus the existence of the science of graphology that reveals so much. A type-written whatever says nothing, only conveying content, not hidden traits a slant here or pressure there would.


Like a massage- Writing is a part of a quiet world. A world in which we not just think but have the time and mental space to consider and contemplate – a spa zone for the mind, one that has special  significance in our switched on world noisily Instagramming, texting, tweeting, Snapchatting and posting.


You could try it: the instant therapy of holding a dimensional and balanced fountain pen, pressing its weighty nib against the paper and feeling the ink flow. It soothes instantly. Strangely you want to write more. Even an everyday to-do list becomes something to spend time on so lovely it is to craft letters and form words – and transmit thought.


Try #DigitalDetox with a Fountain Pen in your hand


In the digital frenzy that we occupy, writing has no space. So we have to create it. We have to consciously switch off all devices and allow ourselves to inhabit a more natural environment where the tyranny of glowing screens give way to days and nights governed by the sun and the moon. And one of the nicest things to do in this app-less world is to write – with a fountain pen – write, maybe, a letter, experience how lovely it is to express oneself. Check out our range of fountain pens here.

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6 Smart Tips for Leather Maintenance

Leather Maintenance Tips

Got a new leather wallet or a bag? Well, we know you must have invested time, money and several discussions in your mind before finally buying that one. That’s why our care for you and your product doesn’t end at purchasing, we want you to be fully aware of the different facets that can help you keep your product going well for a longer period of time. So this time we bring you 6 insights for your leather maintenance. Read them now and thank us later!


1. Do not sit on your wallet

It’s time we give up the habit of keeping our wallet in the back pant pockets. Apart from the obvious health hazard, it will cause your wallet to lose its shape and damage the leather and the brand logo. We recommend that you carry the wallet either in your front pocket, in your hand, on in the inner pocket of your blazer/coat. Damage due to this is not covered under warranty. So yes, shift your wallet to your front pocket. Come on, do it now itself.

Looking for leather wallets? Your search ends here, we have new arrivals for leather wallets, card-holder. You can check them out here.


2. Avoid overstuffing

Be it your leather wallet or your briefcase, overstuffing can cause irreparable damage by stretching out the leather grain and cause the pasting to open. And FYI, this damage is not covered under warranty.


3. Say no to plastic

Yes, not just for you, plastic isn’t good for your leather products too. Leather needs to breathe. It needs some ventilation to prevent mildew and rot. Therefore, do not store it in a plastic bag. Use the dust bag/storage bag that comes with it. So take out your leather bags and jackets from those plastic covers and instead, cover them with the storage bags that they come in.


4. Keep them away from the sun

Another tip for taking care of your leather is to not expose it to too much sunlight. Just like our skin, it can shrink/wrinkle. If the leather gets soaked, let it dry naturally even if it takes longer. You can use a dry cloth to rub it down gently. Do not use a hairdryer or keep it exposed to a heated surface as this can damage the leather.

Don't forget to pamper your leather!

Don’t forget to pamper your leather!

5. Have a regular clean check

Did you know that when dirt or dust is absorbed by the leather, it leads to faster wear and tear? Yes, you can prevent this by regularly cleaning the leather with a damp cloth (not soaking wet) and let it dry naturally. If the dirt has already set in, use a good quality leather conditioner to ease it out. Do not use soaps/handwashes or detergents on your leather as it will affect its composition. Use products specifically made to be used on leather.

6. Moisturize the leather

Not just your skin, your leather needs moisturizing too! Yes, you read it right, leather needs regular moisturizing, otherwise, it develops cracks. To prevent this, you can always apply a leather conditioner. We recommend that you go with an all-natural product that won’t mess up the vegetable dye. Apply a small amount with a lint-free cloth.


Voila!! Now you know what to do and what not to with your leather. So go ahead and flaunt your leather love in the smartest way. And by the way, don’t forget to check out our latest leather bag collection from brands like Lapis Bard, Jekyll &  Hide and many more! Click here to explore now.

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