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6 Rarely Known Ballpoint Pen Facts | Ballpoint Pen DayFeatured

Pen of the month

It was in June 1943 that the two brothers, Laszlo and Gyorgy Biro, filed the patent for Ballpoint pens. And in the honour of this milestone, June 10th is celebrated as the Ballpoint Pen Day. Ballpoint pens had been one of the greatest inventions which reflected from the fact that these pens were quite in demand during their early years. These pens were considered expensive and rarely available to common people.

Bold Chrome Ballpoint Pen by HUGO BOSS

Bold Chrome Ballpoint Pen by HUGO BOSS

Chronicles of Ballpoint Pen

History says that Laszlo Biro, a Hungarian newspaper editor, was quite frustrated with the whole mechanism of filling ink in fountain pens and having ink smudged papers. He then noticed that the ink that was used in newspaper printing dried up at a comparatively faster rate. This lead Laszlo to think of using a type of ink similar to the one used for newspapers. He then along with his brother György, who was a chemist by profession came up with an ink formula that they used for their ballpoint pens.

The ink used in ballpoint pen is an oil-based ink that is thicker in nature. This ink usually contains up to 40 percent of dyes. The dyes are suspended in a solvent of oil. The most common oil solvents used here are benzyl alcohol or phenoxyethanol. [ 1]

While we can go deeper into the history of ballpoint pens, let us deviate and know some interesting facts about these amazing pens. But first of all, let’s know the different parts of a regular ballpoint pen.


Ballpoint Pen Anatomy

Ballpoint Pen Anatomy

Now that we know our ballpoint pens better, here are 6 interesting facts about ballpoint pens that you might not have known.

Astronaut Moon Landing Commemorative Chrome Ball Pen FISHER SPACE PEN

Astronaut Moon Landing Commemorative Chrome Ball Pen

  • In a ball pen, the ink is distributed over a metal ball at its point. That means over a “ball point”!
  • In Argentina, the ballpoint pens are known as ‘birami’, honoring the inventor Laszlo Biro.
  • The first batch of ballpoint pens for sale was in New York. Apparently, the queue for buyers was so long that people had to be controlled by police officers.
  •  Ballpoint pens were used in the World War II by the Air Force pilots. It was because the ink in these pens was less prone to leakage at high altitudes in comparison to fountain pens.
  • Apparently, ballpoint pens don’t work well for “lefties”. This is because while writing the left-handers push instead of pulling the ball across the paper. And this inhibits the ink flow.
  •  The largest ballpoint pen was made by Acharya Makunuri Srinivasa (India) and was presented and measured in Hyderabad, India. It measures 18 ft 0.53 in long.


Note: Paul C Fisher invented the Anti Gravity pen for use in space missions. 

  That’s a powerful pen indeed! There you go, now you know ballpoint pens better. So this ballpoint pen day, ditch the keypads for some time and take the pleasure of writing on paper with your favourite ballpoint pen. In case you are looking for one, check us out here. Let’s ink our words with the finest pens!


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5 Tips to Choose the Right Wallets for MenFeatured

You decide to go out for a fancy meal and at the end of it you take out your wallet to pay. While you may have made a smashing impression during the meal, your wallet can either make or break it. A classy leather wallet for men can be a great style statement. Obviously, a scuffed wallet does not bode well for your reputation. Similarly neither does an overfull one. So let’s know a little more about wallets for men and tips to have the perfect one for you!
Read more

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6 Handy Tips for the perfect “Leather” Forecasting!

Tips to choose the right leather bag

You need a leather bag! Face it. Those nylon backpacks that are complimentary with one’s laptop, or given out on company annual days with the name of said company emblazoned on every panel, are so yesterday. And briefcases? Day-before-yesterday.

The real thing? A leather bag. It’s smooth. It’s sophisticated. It’s stylish. And it sends out pretty much the same message about the one carrying it. And all the while adding to your style quotient.

But buying one isn’t as easy as one may think. It isn’t just a question of how much money one is willing to spend, or what brand it sports.

Here are a few things you need to keep an eye on while choosing your next leather bag


1. How’s the leather?

Two words: Full-grain. Have you seen a leather jacket that has seen a couple of decades, yet looks better than it did new at the store? That’s because it was made from full-grain leather. If it’s full-grain, it’s leather.

Full-grain leather is leather the way leather was meant to be. It is top quality, robust, and ages well, acquiring a patina that is totally unique. No chemicals, no plastics, but yes to that rich leather smell. So, the next time you see something you like and it says ‘Genuine Leather’, ask if it’s full-grain. You won’t be sorry. Or, explore and choose a brand that is committed to using only full-grain leather, like Lapis Bard.


Ducorium Dorchester 14" Laptop Bag LAPIS BARD

Ducorium Dorchester 14″ Laptop Bag

2. Is this bag vegetarian?

No, really. You need to ask this question, and I promise you won’t be laughed at. Every piece of leather is tanned, and it can be tanned in two ways: with chromium and other such chemicals, or with vegetable dyes, which takes more time (weeks more, to be precise), but is way more eco-friendly. And even if you’re not in this to save the planet, remember that vegetable-tanned leather lasts longer, looks better, and – you guessed it – also smells better.


3. Where’s your passport?

If your bag’s leather doesn’t come from France, Italy, or England and the US, it’s probably not of great pedigree. There, I said it. Not to say that there aren’t good leathers from other countries, but these four, especially Italy, have a long legacy of making great leather. So good, in fact, that some unscrupulous manufacturers even tack on a ‘Made in XXXX’ tag when all that’s been done in that country is probably fixing the tags and the zippers. So, look out for the provenance of the leather.


4. Money to burn

Everything that’s of good quality is expensive. But remember that not everything that’s expensive is of good quality. A good thing to remember when you’re out shopping for your leather bag. If you think the price tag shocks you, the quality of the leather may actually shock you further in a couple of years. Most brands charge for their name on the bag, and the perceived country of provenance, and not the actual quality of the leather. So, be mindful of why a bag is charging what it does.

Ducorium Brackley 13" Laptop Backpack by LAPIS BARD

Ducorium Brackley 13″ Laptop Backpack by LAPIS BARD

5. The other bits

There’s more to a bag than just the leather. There are all the buckles, which help with fastening and finishing, and the zippers, which keep things together. And the handle, which is that part of the bag that you will end up holding the most. And let’s not forget the shoulder strap, which is the most practical way to travel with the bag, as you go about the day’s work. Every little bit makes a good bag great. So be sure to cast a long look at these parts, too.


6. You can have any colour, as long as it’s brown

Henry Ford would have found kindred souls in most of today’s bag-makers. Brown seems to be de rigueur as far as men’s professional leather bags are concerned. Three different hues of brown leather are common; dark-brown, tan, and light-brown. Thumb rule: the more formal the occasion, the darker should be the colour of the bag (and the suit and shoes, for that matter). Black is a ubiquitous choice for bankers and lawyers, but brown ages better. Some of the more daring brands have some blues and dark greens too, so it really comes down to your preference. Just remember that dual colours, or different coloured stitching, are a strict no-no as they will look a little over-the-top, and not age as well.

It’s easy to succumb to paralysis by analysis on your journey to the perfect leather bag. The points outlined above are just to help you along. You should check out William Penn’s collection of bags here

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5 Must-Have Men’s Accessories

Men's accessories online

Wikipedia defines accessories as an item to contribute to the wearer’s outfit. In other words, they are the embellishments to an otherwise simple or plain look.

Accessories are an integral part of fashion. Be it for women or men, a few accessories can make your entire look. And similarly, overdoing them can kill your look. Therefore it is quintessential to know, what I usually call as, to bling or not to bling! 

But before we jump on the to-do list for men’s accessories online, let’s throwback to some of the famous stars of all time who have made style statements with their accessory choices.


  • White Socks and gloves by MJ– The moonwalker has made legendary style statements. And his white socks and gloves were his thing!
  •  Fur shawl by Marilyn Monroe– From a model to an actress to a singer, this lady had won millions of hearts. And so did her style statements. And her furry shawl is definitely one legendary accessory.
  • Specs by John Lennon- We all know John Lennon’s gold-framed granny spectacles and we all know how that became his style statement.
  • Silver bracelet by Salman Khan– Among many famous India movie stars, Salman Khan’s bracelet with the turquoise stone is one accessory that is a part of his look. And this has been adopted by thousands of followers of the star.


There you go, see how so many accessories made history? So now what should be the ultimate guide for you guys?! Well, accessorizing a look depends on what clothes you are wearing as well as the occasion. So, to keep it safe, here’s a list of 5 accessories that every man should have.


1. Belts

Ducorium Leather Belt LAPIS BARD

Ducorium Leather Belt LAPIS BARD

Owning a couple of branded belts for men is the very first rule. And the best part, there are amazing belts found in our men’s accessories online section.  Choose the colours wisely, generally, brown and black are never out of fashion. You can find either a keeper loop or an end tip blet, choose the one that works for you. Belt strap widths can vary from 1.25 inches to 1.75 inches. The former ones are usually for casual dressing.

Tip: Don’t wear belts with pants that have no belt loops.

Click here to buy belts online. From Lapis Bard to Montblanc belts, we have covered them all.


2. Wallets

You might think that wallet doesn’t have much importance in styling but you are wrong. Carrying the right wallet is like carrying the right id card to a special occasion! So go for slimmer wallets of good quality. And do not hesitate to invest in a good banded wallet, it ensures the look as well as longevity. If you are tired of the limited designs for men’s wallets, our men’s accessories online collection has got the best wallet brands for men with a wide diversity in design and look. 

And by the way, did you check out our blog on how to choose the right men’s wallet online? Here’s the link.


3. Eyewear

Striped Sunglasses ZIPPO

Striped Sunglasses ZIPPO

You won’t believe how a pair of glasses can affect your entire look. The best thing is, eyewear come in a wide variety. But the crucial part lies in choosing one that fits with your face well. Luckily, we have a collection of both reading glasses as well as sunglasses.

Click here to check out the latest pastel coloured reading glasses by Zippo with rich patterned styling. You can also find amazing sunglasses here.


4. Bracelet

Looking for something to wear in your hands other than a watch? Look no further! Bracelets can be tricky for men, hence go for the subtle and classy ones. Do not flash people with heavy gold bracelets! That’s a total NO NO! Still unsure? Click here to explore the finest men’s bracelets online from brands like DEVOTIE.


5. Men’s bags

Gone are the days when only women had the liberty to choose bags, these days, fashion in men has evolved and so as their choices of bags. From sexy briefcases to cool backpacks, you can accessorize your look with the suitable bag. Because, not just the ladies, you need a perfect bag to carry all your important stuff too!

Oxford 15" RFID Laptop Brief by JEKYLL & HIDE

Oxford 15″ RFID Laptop Brief by JEKYLL & HIDE

To help you out here’s the link to our latest arrivals in men’s bags. And the ‘leather’ forecasting says you are about to find the most stylish bags ever. We have brands like JEKYLL & HYDE, QUICK BROWN FOX, ELAN, Lapis Bard and many more.


Voila! These are the accessories that every man must totally invest in. They won’t just charm up your look, they will add to your style statement too. So it’s a wrap for this one, see you with another stylish blog again. Don’t forget to add your comments below.e 

                                                                                                                                                                 image courtesy: internet

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William Penn’s Journey to Mysore

William Penn store in Mysore

Over a decade of being a one-stop haven for writing instruments, William Penn is gradually making its presence stronger, all over the country. In the year 2002, it commenced its operations from Bangalore and later expanded its wings throughout India. But it is interesting to see that while it has been spreading its presence from Bangalore to all the major cities, it is only now that William Penn has come to Mysore. So yes, the journey of mere 150 Kms took almost 14 years to complete. But then, as we all know everything has its time and this is the time for Mysore.

The new William Penn store is now open at the Forum Centre City Mall, in Mysore. The city is now open to the globally renowned brands, such as Mont Blanc, Caran d’ache, Sheaffer, Moleskine, Lapis Bard, Pennline, Zippo etc.

The City of Palaces, Mysore aka Mysuru, is the third most populous city in the state of Karnataka. Mysore is also the second largest urban agglomeration in the state. It’d be amazing to see how a destination for the finest writing instruments in India will blend in a place of some of the finest architectures of the country. [1]

While William Penn started off in Bangalore, the MD, Mr. Nikhil Ranjan, has a close connection with Mysore.

“I have always been passionate about high-quality writing instruments and the effort that goes into its making”. And when I was working in Mysore, I had a dream of setting up a retail store that made available world-class writing instruments to everyone. That’s the reason why the new store in Mysore is so close to my heart because this is where it all began.”

There you go, 14 years later, William Penn is finally now where parts of its inception began. Go visit the store and have the feel of world’s latest and finest writing instruments. You can also explore our website here.


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Nikhil Ranjan in Conversation with The Telegraph

William Penn

It was in the year 2002 when William Penn started off its journey. From one retail store for premium stationery to now a nation-wide chain of 31 stores, the company has come a long way. In this long journey of over a decade, the company has very beautifully molded itself with the changing times while keeping its crust intact. And that’s why the feel of William Penn stayed the same. Now, of course, it is becoming bigger with contemporary ideas and new brand collaborations. When Mr. Nikhil Ranjan, MD of William Penn, was caught in a conversation with The Telegraph last month, he reflected on the newer facets that his company is exploring.

The most important thing was that, even in these times of advanced technology of smartphones and touchscreens, Nikhil is firm and confident that nothing can replace the joy and contentment of writing on paper with a fine pen. And that can be proved by the fact that this world has seen inventions of legendary writing instruments and new ideas are being endorsed every day.

On further discussion, Nikhil reflected on how the company has been exploring newness to redefine William Penn to be more relatable to youth.

Nikhil's interview with The Telegraph

Nikhil’s interview with The Telegraph

“I see our growth coming from the younger audience. We underwent a rebranding exercise last year and changed the look and feel of our stores to make it a lot younger, more contemporary while retaining our core business, which is writing instruments.

Driving the resurgence of the use of writing instruments are the millennials, who, have not grown up writing as much as the older generation; so there’s a big desire to touch, feel and use paper and pen among them”, Nikhil said.

“So William Penn stores are not geared towards the collector now. They are largely targeted at a younger audience who is coming in to try out a new pen or upgrade from their existing pen. Naturally, the products are fairly affordable too.”, he added.

The renewing of the company is also apparent as it has opened its doors to Men’s Lifestyle Accessories too. Yes, William Penn is now not just a destination of premium writing instruments but also a place to find all the latest Men’s lifestyle accessories.

The collection of these accessories are, however, chosen very wisely to go parallel with what William Penn stands for, Classy and Chic. The lifestyle wing under William Penn includes Wallets, Key Rings, Belts, Bags and many more from brands like Sheaffer, HUGO BOSS, Quick Brown Fox, Lapis Bard, JEKYLL & HIDE, DEVOTIE and many more.

“There is a big growth in demand, so there is a large collection of accessories that we have included in our stores. These include writing accessories (premium and/or smart notebooks and pens), small leather items (like wallets and belts), travel-related products (like an organizer with an integrated power bank and a USB drive, or a traveler’s journal) and desktop accessories,” said Nikhil.

The Front view of a William Penn store

The Front view of a William Penn store

Going forward, the MD also listed a few tips for the beginners in the world of pen collection

Where to start?

Like any other collection, such as stamp or coin, you start with a little bit of homework. First, you need to get a feel of the pens themselves. So you can visit our stores or look at pen collector websites to see what they are saying. Then you will get an idea of what kind of pen you want and why. And then you start building your collection.

Penmakers to check out

You can’t go wrong with a Lamy, a Waterman or a Sheaffer. At a slightly higher price point, you can go for Sailor. The Fisher Space Pen appeals to the tech-inclined.

How do you decide that a pen is worth collecting?

It needs to appeal to you at the end of the day. There are special editions that companies bring out from time to time. There may be products that are unique in that you may want to buy.

On his own collection

I have about 50-60 pens. And each of them for me has a story. Either I have got them as gifts or bought something because I found it interesting. It could also be something that has now gone out of production or one with a nib that has been personalized by an expert like Nobuyoshi Nagahara (the resident nib expert at Japan’s Sailor Pen). It might also be a pen that has sentimental value because I have signed some contract with it. So these are in my collection, though not necessarily expensive ones.

Nikhil’s Favourite picks

One is a limited edition Sheaffer known as King’s Gold that was probably made 25 years ago. It is one of the inlaid, V-nib pens that Sheaffer was known for.

Then I have a Sailor limited edition called Sri Ganesha which was made specifically for India. There were only 36 pens made; I have No.1 of 36. There’s a limited edition from Aurora, which is an Italian brand. They used to make a pen called Asia in their Continents collection.

Nikhil shows that to build an empire on something, one has to be passionate about it. That’s why no matter how big an enterprise he is running, in his heart, he’s still an admirer of fine writing instruments who has never stopped looking for perfection.  

Click here to read the interview.

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Best Father’s day gift ideas – To honour the selfless love of your father

Father’s day gifts ideas

Perfect gifts for the man who gave you everything

Are you trying to find the most interesting gift ideas for your dad on this father’s day? Our blog will help you choose just the right gift for him. It may seem daunting to find the perfect father’s day gifts ideas, especially when you know that he already has everything. The best solution is to choose a unique and memorable gift for your dad. He has always been there for you so on this father’s day, express your appreciation and make him feel special.

Here are some gifts ideas that he will love for sure:

  • Gift combos- For the dad who deserves more than just one

You can explore special father’s day combos online to surprise your dad. Here’s a collection of unique gift combos available at best rates. These combos contain any two or more items like necktie, cufflinks, ball point pen, compass, table clock and a lot more.  They will certainly impress your dad and bring a smile on his face.

  • Men’s accessories- For the dad who likes to keep it stylish

A stylish dad knows that style is all about the finer details and by choosing sophisticated men’s accessories for your dad; you will indeed make him happy. You can explore our wide range of men’s accessories like wallets, money clips, bracelets, eye wears, cufflinks, key rings, swiss knives, etc. and buy the one that suits his personality.

  • Writing instruments- For the dad who appreciates both form and function

While your dad may love the newest tech gadgets and gizmos, he will surely appreciate the simple pleasures of putting classy writing instrument to paper. After all, there is no better way to leave your mark than with a premium branded pen. You can check out our father’s day collection of premium pens from brands like Sheaffer, Cross, Lapis Bard, Mont Blanc, Lamy, Parker, Caran D’ Ache, Troika and many more.

  • Personalized father’s day gifts- For the dad who likes those little details which make him feel special

You can buy personalized father’s day gifts for your dad that include his photo or a special message to show how much you care for him. Personalized gifts are memorable and show your thoughtfulness. They are just perfect for the dad who has everything.

  • Exclusive gifts – For the dad who indulges in all kinds of luxuries

You can treat your dad like a King with our exclusive father’s day gift ideas. You can buy luxury fountain pens for your dad from Rollerball, Barrel, Carene, Professional Gear, Varius Peter Marino, StarWalker, etc. With this unexpected treat, he will surely feel both appreciated and spoilt.

  • Gift cards- For the dad who likes to choose his own gifts

You can give the gift of luxury shopping to your dad by opting for our gift cards. These e-gift cards can be used at our online store and also across our more than 30 stores which are located in the major metro cities of India. It is a great way to give your dad exactly what he wants.

Your Daddy is the best so he deserves nothing less than the best! Let him know how much he means to you by choosing the best gift for him on this father’s day.

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7 Tips About Fountain Pens for Beginners

Tips to use fountain pens

Most of us grew up writing with the ubiquitous Hero or the Parker fountain pen. The fountain pen held much mystique and sentiment but somewhere between growing up and adulthood, the world changed and so did we and slowly the magic faded away.

While the tradition of the fountain pen remains the same, the technology has changed. Now as we reacquaint ourselves with a fountain pen, here are a few tips that will help you choose the right pen. There’s a whole lot of glossary and terms used in the fountain pen world that we could give you but that’s not the goal here.  We just want you to have basic information when you buy your first fountain pen online or from any physical store.

The nib size

Fountain pen nibs are one of the first decisions you’ll have to make when buying a fountain pen. The size of the nib has to be chosen very crucially. There are 3 standard nib tips that one can go with. That is the fine, medium and broad. The tip of the nib will determine just how much ink is released, and the thickness of the lines that you will put down.  A person with an emphatic handwriting may want to buy a broad tip while someone with a small and close spaced writing may want to stick to a fine or a medium tip.  A professionally trained consultant at a specialist pen store will help you find a size suitable for your writing style.


Fountain pen material

Ideally, a beginner should stick to a pen that is light in weight, for example, pens made of resin, lightweight aluminium or ABS plastic.  This will ensure that your hands don’t cramp or tire as you get used to writing with the fountain pen. As you become an expert and start to enjoy the pure pleasure of writing with a fountain pen, you can move on to pens made with brass or precious metals.

Fountain pen ink

When you buy your first fountain pen, make sure the ink is preferably from the same maker as the pen or from any other reputed international brands.  People hardly give this a thought but it’s true that the pen will only write as well as a good quality ink.  Inks are usually made of water, dyes, and solvents. Colours within the same brand can give you a different output depending on the colour you use.  For example, if you are using a standard royal blue from a particular brand and want to change to a red from the same brand, the flow of the ink could differ. Therefore, when you buy a good pen make sure you tell the consultant your usage, as in, do you intend to write pages with it or just use it for a few scribbles. Check out our range of fountain pen ink.


Cartridges are a result of a modern man’s prayer for a convenient ink filling method.  A cartridge is the reservoir of ink that you can swap out of your pen and replace in its entirety, similar to how you would refill a ballpoint or a gel pen. The advantage of cartridges is that they are convenient. When you’re out of ink, you simply pop in a new cartridge, and you’re good to go.  Though, in our opinion, a true fountain pen experience only begins once you’ve started using bottled inks and refilling your pens. But if you are someone who prefers the quick and easy, then you could ask the consultant about ink cartridges.




As you start using your new pen, you will notice something that you had never really had taken stock of while using your old ballpoints or gel pens and that is the paper quality. You will soon find that some papers worked great with your pen, while others make it feel scratchy, or cause the ink to bleed, blot and feather.


You can read exhaustive articles on which paper is the best to try with what ink and pen combination. However, our best advice is to try a bunch of different things. Write on whatever plain piece of paper you have lying around the office. Write on post-it notes or write in your favourite notebook. You’ll soon get a feel for the difference that paper can make and stick to the one that your fountain pen likes!

Maintenance of fountain pens

This is a critical part of your writing experience and the life of your pen. You must ensure you absorb and retain the after sales maintenance advice that is given by the pen consultant.

The fountain pen investment

We would recommend that as a beginner, you invest in a pen that is not expensive and one that will give you a true pleasure of writing.  We recommend brands such as Lamy which makes some of the best fountain pens for beginners.  Collections such as a Safari, the Al-star or the CP1 are pens that lay down perfect strokes. Then there is the Pilot Metropolitan or the  849 fountain pens from CARAN D’ACHE, Pens from Faber Castell, Platinum and Kaweco to name a few.

At this point, you’re probably thinking to yourself, this all seems like a lot of trouble just to buy a pen. And you’re right. It is. If you just want a pen that just works, then we suggest grabbing a rollerball or a ball pen. If you’re looking for a utilitarian tool, that’s the way to go.

However, if you’re approaching fountain pens as a piece of art, a hobby, or worse, a potential addiction! – Oh, what a wonderful addiction it is!!  If you are approaching it as a passion you wish to pursue or to live vicariously through your writing then we think it’s worth taking the time to understand the basics with these brands before diving head first into the vast selection of supremely opulent, sumptuous, extravagantly elegant fine writing instruments that exist. It is difficult to express in words the feelings one experience while writing with a fountain pen; a fountain pen gives you pause for thought, giving you a wider perspective of the world that surrounds you. Invest in one today and as the days go by, you will understand what we mean.

Get the best collection of Fountains Pens India on our website. Click here and be a part of the world’s finest pens.

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Pen of the Month- The Leman Slim Collection by CARAN D’ ACHE


There are a thousand thoughts lying within a man that he does not know till he takes up a pen to write.”- William Makepeace Thackeray

And yes, no matter how digital we get, the contentment of putting words on paper with your pen bleeding your emotions out is beyond words. And that’s why pens are forever. And to keep up the love for pens, William Penn is here with yet another month with a new pen series rising in the Hall of Fame. Yes, this month’s PEN of The Month is none other than the Leman Slim Collection by CARAN D’ ACHE.

So let us get to know about the Leman Slim collection. This collection is a tribute to the colors and elements of Lake Geneva by the makers CARAN D’ ACHE.

The Leman Slim Fountain Pen by CARAN D' ACHE

The Leman Slim Fountain Pen by CARAN D’ ACHE


Lake of Geneva falls on the northern side of the Alps. It is beautifully shared between Switzerland and France and is one of the largest lakes in Western Europe. [1]

The collection includes the Leman Slim Fountain Pen with the nib in 18-carat gold, rhodium-coated. This Fountain pen series is available in three different sizes (Fine, Medium, Broad) with the Isotype.

It is also equipped with a piston pump that is refillable.



The collection also has the Leman Slim Scarlet Ballpoint Pen and the Leman Slim Rollerball Pen. The Ballpoint and the Rollerball pens come with the following characteristics. 

Leman Slim Scarlet Ballpoint Pen by CARAN D' ACHE

Leman Slim Scarlet Ballpoint Pen by CARAN D’ ACHE

  • Rose gold plated trims
  • Body and cap made of brass, lacquered and polished.
  • Snap-in system.
  • Identification – button

The Ballpoint pen is equipped with the Caran d’Ache Goliath giant cartridge that delivers up to 600 A4 pages of writing Standard packaging.


The theme behind this collection is the exquisite harmony of the elements and colors that Lake Geneva reflects. The designs are the perfect display of the vision that the beauty of this Lake portrays which can be seen in the detailing of these pens.  While we have chosen the Leman Slim White Collection as our pen of the month, there are other variants of this series in different colour schemes such as Scarlet Red and Black Ebony. 

CARAN D’ACHE is one of the very few makers of pens that still design their pens after inspirations. That is why they have been ruling the world of writing instruments since years now. So be a part of these legendary pens because your stories are meant to be written with the perfect pens. Have a look at the entire collection here.

And if you are looking for similar collections of amazing pens and pencils, click here now. Don’t worry, you can window shop and check us out first and shop later! Did we tell you that we have a collection of men’s accessories as well?

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Faber-Castell’s new Fine Writing series by William Penn

William Penn brings Faber Castell


One who is a keen observer of fine writing would understand the value of perfection in writing instruments. And since William Penn is best known for bringing the classiest ones to India, here’s another collection of premium pens and pencils from the brand of Faber-Castell. With decades of experience in manufacturing some of the finest Fountain pens, Ballpoint pens, pencils and refills, Faber-Castell’s yet another collection has a series of all that leads to perfection. We have a series reflecting sheer professionalism and another one depicting the metallic aura of elegance. From comfort to style, these pens and pencils are the new faces of writing instruments in the best possible way. Here’s a list of the 5 collections that we are bringing home.


1. Ambition

The new Ambition series by Faber Castell

The new Ambition series by Faber-Castell


Castell brings this series of pens and pencils with a twist of fresh vibrant colours. The materiality of this range is specifically designed to display an array of fine professional functionalism. You will be able to find this range in resin, coconut wood, paper wood as well as stainless steel. Besides the ever classy black look, Ambition also consists of pens with optical art designs. It has water lily, flamingo art, white sand and many more! 

2. Neo Slim

This is the first slim series from the brand. The USP of these pens is the minimalistic look. If pens and pencils could be given names, we are sure that this Neo Slim range would be called poetry. The range depicts a sense of contemporariness with aesthetics. This comes in a broad spectrum of nine distinctive series of ball pen, ink roller and fountain pen. Another chief characteristic of Neo Slim is that its pens come with the ‘document proof’ gel ink that gives smoother gliding along with a brighter and bolder finishing.

The ball pens under this category come with the ‘stylus function’.These pens have both shiny and matte versions, giving a range of looks to choose from. From the point of view of functions, The Neo Slim series has been made with a comfortable gripping surface that only enhances the confidence while writing.

3. Ondoro

This comes with a strikingly different look that immediately separates it from the others. The look for this series is kept inventive with a sense of a methodology that is not just appealing to the eye but very congenial while writing.

Faber Castell comes with the new Ondoro Pens

Faber-Castell comes with the new Ondoro Pens

If you look deeper into the detailing of its material, you will be delighted to see how chrome-plated metal parts are intricately spiraled into its framing.

The specialty of Ondoro would be the sense of personalism given to each of its variety. It is as if the makers wanted to be distinctively different and yet uniform in the creativity of these pens. As already mentioned, equal importance was given to the styling and the working of these pens. Hence, the Ondoro would be perfect for someone who likes style and comfort, all together.

4. Loom

The next in the Faber-Castell series is The Loom collection. This one has got a very unique look that portrays the muted shades. The series has been given a gunmetal look that takes practicality and modernity parallelly. The series comes with pens and pencils that are crafted with fine rings and a subtly curved form. The black and white coatings are tweaked with high-gloss chrome plated metal parts that leave an everlasting impression. The barrels are engineered with amazing colours to give a versatility to the entire look, from the Loom piano lime look to the Loom piano plum look, this series has got all!

5. e-motion

With this series, Faber-Castell comes with an experimental look with aesthetic craftsmanship to the look and designing of the series. This collection has got both matte and high-gloss metal look with a twist of cigar-shaped appearance.

The look is enhanced with warm wood tones. The functions and comfort of this e-motion range are also equally appealing. These pens and pencils sit very comfortably in the hand, making them perfect for continuous writing. One of the apparent features of this collection is the crocodile pattern, parquet and rhombus texture exhibited by the series. Overall, the e-motion series comes with a valiant look that sets it apart.


Faber-Castell is well known in reflecting class and creativity when it comes to their products and that is so very obvious with all the above designs. So in order to keep our promise to bring you the World’s best writing instruments, we are here with this new Faber-Castell series. You can follow the link here to explore the entire collection today! Also, don’t forget to check out the latest offers in pens and men’s accessories here


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