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How to choose the right men’s wallet online?

Men’s wallet online

Upgrading your wallet- your daily companion

A wallet is undoubtedly a personal thing. It not just literally holds your identity but also speaks volumes about you as a person- messy or organized? So, when it’s time to buy men’s wallet online, it is important to know what to look for.

Things to consider while choosing men’s wallet

Buying a wallet is not as simple as it may seem and the innumerable varieties of branded wallets for men online make the task even more intimidating. Here are some points that you can consider while buying wallets:

  • Wallet material:

One of the most important aspects to consider while buying your perfect wallet is to search for the specific material in mind. Though leather being extremely robust, form fitting and highly durable, continues to be one of the best materials used for making branded wallets, yet you can find many other types of branded wallets for men online. Fabric, synthetic, canvas and faux leather wallets are also available in the market so you have to decide which material suits your needs as well as preferences.

  • Type of wallet:

There are various types of wallets available in the market such as billfold wallet, breast wallet, zip wallet, travel wallet and card holder. You can choose a suitable wallet according to your requirement.

  • Construction of the wallet:

Take some time to check the construction of the wallet. It is better to go for a turned edge constructed wallet. In this type of wallet, the edge of the leather is thinned and turned before stitching.

  • Look of wallet:

Don’t strain your mind trying to think about the coolest colour combinations or patterns. Try to keep it simple with a quality material that perfectly goes with your shoes and belts.

  • Price:

Depending on the material, construction, style and brand, the cost of men’s wallets can vary by leaps and bounds.

From sleek billfolds to exclusive card holders, these are some of the most stylish and trendy wallets currently available. We’re sure you will certainly find the best men’s wallet online according to your liking.

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Unique Pens & Pencils

What are the advantages of buying branded pens?

Buy Pens Online

Having good writing equipment at your fingertips can be a key to your success and with the advent of many online specialty stores, you can buy pens online conveniently. Choosing a sophisticated branded pen for your employees, colleagues or loved ones is indeed one of the best gifts you can give them.

Here are some of the advantages of buying branded pens:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and high quality

Branded pens in India are aesthetically pleasing and stand out as high quality. When you use them as promotional items, it is very likely that your clients will begin to associate your company accordingly and see your brand as reliable.

  • A sturdy product with the promise of longevity

A sturdy branded pen can withstand the wear and tear of repeated use that makes it the best promotional product.

  • Create a great first impression

It’s no question that a stylish branded pen will create a substantial impression on your potential customers and employees.

  • An effective way to communicate your brand message

If you are trying to promote your business, a branded pen can be a wonderful option. A customized branded pen with your company’s name and address printed on it will be a great way to get noticed. A promotional luxury pen will not just convey your brand’s message in an effective way but also stick in people’s mind, making your marketing campaign a success.

  • An elegant gesture for your potential clients

Branded pens in India are a simple elegant gesture for the potential clients, showing them your passion about the products and services you provide. You must always ensure that the public perception about your brand is positive and a branded pen is one of the ways to do that, especially if you spice it up with customization.

  • The best gift for your loved ones

A personalized branded pen can be a memorable token of your affection for your loved ones. When you buy pens online for them, they can use it every day and you can keep your message right where they can see it for that extra special touch.

Though the world is shifting to the web and preferring automatic processes, yet branded pens are a great way to reach out to potential customers and win the hearts of your loved ones forever.

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Unique Strokes

For many, the humble pencil brings back fond memories of school. But it is more than just an ordinary tool. Today, it has become the instrument of choice for carpenters, architects, cartoonists, painters, designers and even writers.

Along with pens, the Imprint Series brings to you a wide range of pencils that have been hand-picked for their unique features and design aesthetics.


CDA Wooden Pencils
These are not the usual HB wooden pencils you’ve been using for so long. Their barrel is made from the beech wood that is taken from the Swiss Jura Forest. The elements used to design these pencils, like chocolates and Swiss crosses, are taken from the ancient Swiss folklore thus giving us a colorful introduction to their culture. The graphite is super silky with amazing point retention.





Take the Troika Multitasking Pencil for instance. It comes with an inbuilt screwdriver, a mini ruler and a touchscreen stylus. Another Troika delight is the Carpenter’s Pencil that is ideal for sketching on rough surfaces.





Lamy Scribble
Are you an architect, or a designer, or an art director looking for a stylish mechanical pencil for your day-to-day scribbles? The Lamy Scribble is what you are looking for. What used to be a piece of charcoal, is now a 0.7mm push-button pencil with a matte body and palladium-plated metal fittings. This pencil features an inbuilt eraser and what was ideally designed for sketching and illustrations, also writes just as comfortably.





Pencils also make for wonderful gifts. The Rubinato Swarovski Crystals 50Eh Pencil, for instance, comes with a dazzling crystal mounted on its bottom making it look very chic and elegant.

If you are looking to add a touch of sparkling elegance to your stationary collection, the Swarovski Crystal 50EH Pencils are a must buy. Brilliantly cut Swarovski Crystals are mounted at the tip of these pencils giving it a distinct appeal. These pencils are also an affordable gift for your loved ones.








Anand Prakash Handmade Pencils
Are you looking for a souvenir that will make for a beautiful gift? These exquisite handmade pencils are the right choice.

They are made from variety of covers, from old and authentic Indian documents and court papers, to vintage newspapers and ledger sheets dating back to the 1970’s. Packaged in a recycled wooden box, these pencils are as authentic as they can get.






Pencils have always been an essential part of a creative person’s inventory. With the advent of such feature-rich and delightful pencils, there is something for every creative person – from an artist to a scientist, to discover and explore.

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Unique Pens & Pencils


Ever wondered if a pen could be more than just a regular pen? 

What if it came with a built-in screwdriver?

Or imagine a pen that could write underwater? Or in zero gravity?





Sounds interesting, right?

The Imprint Series is a curated collection of such unique writing instruments from some of the world’s best brands. Boasting exquisite design and workmanship along with useful features, each pen and pencil in this collection is sure to delight your senses.






Tech Pens

Tech Pens and pencils





Take the Fisher Space Infinium pen for instance. It is the perfect amalgam of space-age science and modern convenience. It can write in extreme temperatures, at any angle, or even in zero gravity. It also never runs out of ink! No matter where you are, The Fisher Space Infinium Pens provide style and comfort in both its writing and presentation.






UZI Tactical Pen


UZI Tactical Glassbreaker Pen
If you are in the Army or any of the Special Forces, the UZI Tactical pens will be your true defender. It comes with an inbuilt glass-breaker and a hand cuff key, made from lightweight aircraft aluminium that will be a part of all your battles.









The collection also features pens that have won the Red Dot Award for their exquisite design and craftsmanship.


Troika Pen with Keyring
Carry the new Troika Mini Pen everywhere you go and save all the space in your pocket. This contemporary ballpoint pen comes with an attached keyring, a touchscreen stylus and an inbuilt Philips slotted screwdriver that is held in place magnetically. There are two mini rulers (in inches and centimeters) printed on the body of the pen to help you with quick and easy measurements.









Moleskine Smart Writing Set

Designed for comfort and convenience, the Moleskine Smart Writing Set will effortlessly transfer all your idea from paper to screen in an instant. It comes with a Paper Tablet that captures your initial thoughts, a Pen Plus that digitizes everything you write and a Moleskine Companion App that smoothly transfers your freehand notes from page to screen in real time, giving you the possibility to digitize text, edit, organize, share and bring your ideas to life!






These one-of-a-kind writing instruments are as unique as one’s fingerprints. Reason why they stand part to make a bold statement.

Explore the Collection HERE.

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Bollywood goes back to the tradition of Letter Writing

An ecstatic Deepika Padukone posts about her receiving handwritten notes from Bollywood celebrities, including the evergreen stars Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha. After all, a handwritten note is all it takes to make someone’s day.

This Valentine’s Day, take some time to express your feelings to that special someone to whom you don’t say “I Love You” enough. Visit our store to write a letter to your loved one and we will post it on your behalf for free. Here is some inspiration for you to write an impressive letter to your Valentine:

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Handwriting, Letter Writing

How to craft a handwritten letter that can melt your loved one’s heart

How to craft a handwritten letter that can melt your loved one’s heart

It’s not every day that we sit down to write a letter to our loved one. But when we do, the blank piece of paper in front of us could be very intimidating. We often have questions like, ‘Where do I start? What do I write? How do I express my feelings using the right words?’ Sounds familiar? It maybe worthwhile to know that you’re not alone. Even world famous writers and poets have struggled with the same questions. Here are a few suggestions to help you craft that perfect letter that can make your special someone feel loved. Read more

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